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 Gold Bond® ThermalFOIL Gypsum Board

ThermalFOIL Gypsum BoardDescription

Gold Bond® BRAND ThermalFOIL® Gypsum Board is a specialty gypsum board that is laminated with a perforated foil-backing that was developed to provide R-value to the interior of an exterior wall assembly when installed as part of a complete exterior wall system. When combined with closed cell spray polyurethane foam insulation and a defined air space, the ThermalFOIL Gypsum Board acts as part of a reflective insulated air space, enabling builders to meet 2012 and 2015 energy codes while saving on the high cost of full cavity spray foam of "flash and batt" systems, which require extra time and labor.  ("Flash and batt" is a hybrid insulation approach which combines fiberglass insulation and closed-cell spray foam.)

Basic Uses

ThermalFOIL Gypsum Board can be used for the interior of exterior walls in non-fire rated single layer construction where framing members are spaced up to 16" o.c. 


  • Installs like regular gypsum board while offering a defined R-value system.
  • Saves time and labor versus the two step "flash and batt" methods.
  • Saves cost over completely filling the cavity with closed-cell spray foam.
  • Enables the builder or homeowner to still run wire or pipes through the cavity after wall is completed.
  • Excellent working properties including score/snap, reduced dust and improved strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Enables builders to meet the 2012 and 2015 International Energy Code while still using 2x4 wood construction (for most climate zones.)
  • GridMarX® guide marks are printed on the paper surface allowing the installer to quickly identify fastener lines for stud framing.  GridMarX also assists with quick identification of nail/screw patterns.


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