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Gold Bond® High Strength Fire-Shield 60™


Gold Bond® BRAND High Strength Fire-Shield 60™  Gypsum Board panels consist of a fire-resistant Type X gypsum core specially formulated to be 20% lighter than standard Type X gypsum board.  High Strength Fire-Shield 60 is encased in heavy natural-finish, 100% recycled paper on the face and back sides.  The face paper is folded around the long edges to reinforce and protect the core, and the ends are square-cut and finished smooth.  For speed of installation, GridMarX® guide marks are printed on the paper surface.

Long edges of the panels are tapered or square.  Tapered edges allow joints to be reinforced with ProForm® BRAND Joint Tape and concealed with ProForm® BRAND Ready Mix, Easy Finish® Ready Mix or ProForm® BRAND Quick Set Setting Joint Compounds.

High Strength Fire-Shield 60 Gypsum Board features a Type X core to provide additional fire resistance ratings when used in specific UL designs.

Check the Fire and Safety Information of our website under Resources for a more complete explanation of how fire resistance ratings work.

Basic Uses

5/8" High Strength Fire-Shield 60 - For single- or multi-layer drywall construction for fire tested assemblies.


  • 20% lighter than standard 5/8" Type X gypsum board.
  • Lighter weight results in easier handling.
  • Features a fire-resistant Type X core and is UL classified and approved for inclusion on specific UL fire-rated designs.
  • Excellent working properties, including score and snap, reduced dust and improved strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Features GridMarX guide marks.
  • Meets CHPS and CA Section 01350.
  • UL Type FSLX requires the use of fiberglass insulation for single-layer, steel stud UL rated wall assemblies.

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