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Gold Bond® Plaster Retarder

Plater RetarderDescription

Gold Bond® BRAND Plaster Retarder is recommended for minor to moderate lengthening of set times of our plaster products. Gold Bond Plaster Retarder slows the setting time of gypsum plasters. Due to job conditions or situation, the plastering contractor may need to alter the setting time to allow for suitable application and finishing.

The addition of disproportionate amounts of Gold Bond Plaster Retarder will drastically reduce strength, thereby impairing the quality of the finish work. Disproportionate amounts may produce a “dry-out” situation (the failure of plaster to set before the water essential for chemical reaction evaporates).

Do not add Gold Bond Plaster Retarder directly to your plaster mix.

Before the use of any additive, good practice involves mixing a trial batch of plaster product to determine the actual job site set time. Once the set time is known, a measured amount of Gold Bond Plaster Retarder/water mixture is added to adjust the set.

Gold Bond Plaster Retarder should be fully dissolved in water before adding to plaster. Mix one teaspoon of dry plaster retarder with five fluid ounces of water to make a solution that will extend the set time of 50 pounds of UniKal, X-KALibur or Kal-Kote plasters by about 15 minutes. Mix one teaspoon of Gold Bond Plaster Retarder with five fluid ounces of water to extend the set time of 100 pounds of conventional gypsum plaster products like Two-Way Hardwall or Gypsolite by 1 to 3 hours. For larger quantities, mix an entire 1-1/2 lb. container of Gold Bond Plaster Retarder with 5-gallons of water in a container to prepare the solution. Slowly add retarder to room temperature water and stir until the retarder is dispersed (not dissolved). With the use of a screen, remove any lumps that may have formed. These lumps will cause soft discolored spots in the plaster surface. Always stir the retarder mixture before using. Poor dispersion increases the possibility of erratic set time and soft unset spots in the plaster surface.

Important: Clean mixing containers and tools with water immediately after use, and partially used containers should be closed as tightly as possible. Keep Gold Bond Plaster Retarder in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Maintain temperature above 40°F (4°C). Shelf Life: Up to 12 months under protected storage conditions. Rotate stock.


1 1/2 lb. tub, 8 tubs to a carton.

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