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Gold Bond® X-KALibur® Veneer Plaster


Gold Bond® BRAND X-KALibur® Veneer Plaster is a single component veneer plaster for application over Gold Bond tapered edge 1/2" Regular or
5/8" Fire-Shield® Kal-Kore® Plaster Base, 5/8" Hi-Abuse® Kal-Kore or as a finish coat over Kal-Kote® Basecoat. When applied in a thin coat 3/32" thick and troweled to a smooth finish, it provides a durable, abrasion-resistant surface for further decoration. X-KALibur has a longer extended working time and may be worked to a variety of textured finishes.

X-KALibur applied not exceeding 1/16" may be used as a finish coat over a 3/32" coat of Kal-Kote Basecoat for a total minimum thickness of 1/8".

Strength of X-KALibur provides a surface resistant to abrasion, cracking and nail-pops.

Basic Uses

X-KALibur is a single component veneer plaster for application over Gold Bond tapered edge 1/2" Regular or 5/8" Fire-Shield Kal-Kore, 5/8" Hi-Abuse Kal-Kore or as a finish coat over Kal-Kote Basecoat.


  • Rapid installation which reduces overall construction time
  • Appearance and surface of conventional plaster at lower cost than regular plastering
  • High resistance to cracking, nail-popping, impact and abrasion failure
  • Mill-mixed plaster components help assure uniform installation performance and finished job quality
  • Requires only one plastering material on the job
  • Slightly lower in-place cost than two-coat system
  • Can be applied directly to new concrete block
  • X-KALibur is formulated to have extended set characteristics beyond traditional Uni-Kal setting times
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