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Gold Bond® Kal-Kore® Plaster Base

Kal-Kore BoardDescription

Gold Bond® BRAND Kal-Kore® Plaster Base is a tapered edge gypsum plaster base with a 100% recycled blue absorptive face paper surface designed to permit rapid trowel application of Kal-Kote® Basecoat, Gypsolite Plaster, Uni-Kal® and X-KALibur® one-coat plasters.

Kal-Kore Fire-Shield Plaster Base features a fire resistive Type X gypsum core to provide additional fire resistance ratings when used in tested systems.

Kal-Kore Fire-Shield C Plaster Base panels have a specially formulated Type X core to achieve superior performance when used in specific fire-rated assemblies where the weight and number of gypsum board layers are a concern.

Basic Uses

Kal-Kore Plaster Base and veneer plaster systems may be specified for virtually all types of partition and ceiling constructions, including wood or steel framing, furring and masonry. For both residential and commercial buildings, both two-coat and one-coat veneer plaster systems produce a wall more nail-pop-resistant than conventional lath and plaster.

3/8" Kal-Kore (regular core) - For single-layer application in residential construction.

1/2" Kal-Kore LITE® - For single-layer application in residential construction.

1/2" Kal-Kore Fire-Shield C - For single or multi-layer construction in fire-tested assemblies.

5/8" Kal-Kore Fire-Shield - For single- or multi-layer drywall construction. The greater thickness provides increased resistance to fire and reduced sound transmission.

5/8" Fire-Shield C - For single or multi-layer drywall construction. The specially formulated Type X core achieves superior performance when used in specific assemblies.


  • Provides a strong bond for the application of Kal-Kote Basecoat, Uni-Kal, and X-KALibur veneer plasters as well as Gypsolite Plaster.
  • Rapid installation reduces overall construction time.
  • Appearance and surface of conventional plaster at lower cost than regular plastering.
  • High resistance to cracking. Nail-popping, impact and abrasion failure.
  • Veneer Plaster Systems provide an excellent base over which paints or other finishes should be applied.
  • Can be installed on ceilings 24" o.c. (perpendicular)
  • The gypsum core will not support combustion or transmit temperatures greatly in excess of 212°F (100°C) until completely calcined, a slow process.
  • UL Classified for fire resistance, surface burning characteristics and noncombustibility.

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