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Gold Bond® Two-Way Hardwall Gypsum Plaster


Gold Bond® BRAND Two-Way Hardwall Plaster is a basecoat gypsum neat plaster which requires the job site addition of an aggregate and water to produce working qualities. When properly proportioned with aggregate, Two-Way Hardwall Plaster forms a hard, durable base for the finish coats of another gypsum plaster.

Two-Way Hardwall Plaster is designed for use with sand or expanded lightweight aggregate conforming to ASTM specification C 35. It is mechanically mixed at the job site and the mortar conveyed to the work area. It may be applied by hand or used through pump/spray plastering machines.

Basic Uses

Two-Way Hardwall Plaster is designed for interior use over all accepted plaster bases as described in ASTM C 842.

Two-Way Hardwall Plaster is a basecoat plaster for finish plasters such as:

  • Gold Bond BRAND Kal-Kote Smooth Finish
  • Gold Bond BRAND Kal-Kote Texture Finish
  • Gold Bond BRAND Uni-Kal
  • Gold Bond BRAND X-KALibur
  • Job gauged lime putty


  • Controlled Uniformity: Two-Way Hardwall Plaster is set-stabilized and adjusted for market requirements and seasonal changes. When mixed with sand or other aggregates, it has uniform working qualities and excellent spread.
  • Strength: Two-Way Hardwall Plaster properly proportioned with aggregate forms a hard, durable base for the finish coat that provides increased resistance to minor structural movements, impacts and abrasions.
  • Fire Resistance: Two-Way Hardwall Plaster is essentially mineral in composition and will not support combustion.


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