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H-Stud Area Separation Wall


Solid Type Area Separation Wall

The H-Stud Area Separation Wall consists of 2" light-gauge steel H-Studs which secure two layers of 1" Fire-Shield Shaftliner or 1" Fire-Shield Shaftliner XP board between adjacent studs.

Shaftliner board is faced with green moisture-resistant paper and Shaftliner XP board is faced with purple moisture/mold/mildew resistant paper on both sides for protection against weather during installation. Shaftliner panels have a beveled edge configuration allowing for simple installation into the H-Studs.

The H-Studs are secured at the foundation floor by the flanges of H-Stud Track. The same track is used back-to-back at intermediate floors to provide a splicing means so that the System can be erected one floor at a time. H-Stud Track is also used at the roof line or at the parapet and at wall ends.

For a fire-rated assembly without the need for battens, a minimum 3/4" air space shall be maintained between the H-Stud assembly and any adjacent framing members. When a 3/4" air space cannot be maintained, the H-Stud and H-Stud Tracks are covered by screw-attached 6" wide battens fabricated from 1/2" Fire-Shield C Gypsum Board; or 1/2" Fire-Shield C Gypsum Board boards can be fastened to the H-Studs and joints* covered with tape and joint compound to provide a finished wall. Mineral wool or glass fiber can be installed in adjacent cavity shaftwalls to provide higher STC ratings.

Steel H-Stud framing members are attached on each side to adjacent framing with breakaway, heat softenable aluminum ASW Clips.

*Refer to UL Design U347.

NOTE: ICC ES Inc. Legacy Report 90-26.01 requires a 1" minimum air space.

Basic Uses

  • Area Separation Walls are nonload-bearing walls. They should not be used where exposed to constant dampness and/or water. Steel framing and XP Gypsum Board products permit temporary exposure to inclement weather during construction, but the constructed Area Separation Wall should be protected from inclement weather as soon as possible. Materials supplied to the job site should be stored properly, supported off the ground and protected from inclement weather.
  • The Area Separation Wall System may be built up to a maximum of 66' high.
  • Insulation in the Area Separation Wall must be protected from wetting and therefore shall not be installed until building is closed-in.
  • XP Gypsum Board or Gypsum Sheathing shall be used on faces of stud framing of Area Separation Walls which project beyond roof or side walls.

Note: H-Stud Area Separation Wall Systems have been tested as complete assemblies. Substitution of components may adversely affect system performance. For information on system requirements contact National Gypsum's Technical Service at 1-800-NATIONAL®(1-800-628-4662).


  • Provides continuous fire resistant membrane from foundation to roof, unbroken by floor or roof structural members.
  • Both the Area Separation Wall and the structural framings can be erected quickly by carpenter tradesmen.
  • Ease and speed of erection.
  • The H-Stud Area Separation Wall system may be built up to a maximum of 66' high.
  • Weighing as little as 9.4 psf, there is a considerable weight reduction when compared to concrete block.
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Technical Data
CSI 3 Part Specifications   PDF
Checked items above will be available for email and download on the Submittal Builder page.